Gold Snow-tipped Petals Necklace

A real show-stopper of a necklace, fit for that red-carpet/black-tie event.

This was featured on Kirstie's Handmade Christmas Show in 2019.

The necklace has been designed to resemble cascading winter flowers that have been touched by falling snow. The luxury crystals provide the snow-tipped look. This piece has been delicately and painstakingly hand knitted with double-entwined gold-plated wire, and intricately woven with the shimmering clear crystals.

The necklace measures just over 1cm wide and the longest snow-tipped petal drop is 6cm.. The length around the neck is around 38 cm (15") extending to 45 cm (18") with extra chain.

The piece is finished with a gold-plated extender chain. A clear crystal pendant drop sits at the end of the chain as a finishing touch.

A truly dazzling work of art.

The necklace will come packaged in a beautiful customised silver jewellery box. Ideal if purchasing as a present.

This is a beautiful necklace to wear for parties, prom, birthdays, or any special occasion, and would make a perfect bridal piece.

As a made-to-order item, please allow 4 - 8 weeks for delivery.

Please note: This item will be sent by Special Delivery mail.

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