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A selection of swarovski stitchmarker sets that feature the very special 'sheep-on-tour'.

All are finding their path in life, on a journey destined for that special knitting project, wherever it may be!

This collection features 4 sheepy characters:
Indigo Swirls - she loves the bohemian lifestyle and can be found grazing at many of the music festivals across the land. She sports her indigo coat and an amethyst pendant crystal and never travels anywhere without her indigo pendant and tanzanite octagonal charm.

Coco Sheepel - Paris would be her home, she detests her field accomodation and firmly believes she is destined for better things. Never travels without her classic clear and jet-black jewels.

Coat of Many Colours - Josephine sees many things, a clairvoyant of sorts and will interpret dreams if you ask her. Her colourful coat and red & pink and fern-green crystals protect her on those lonely starry nights.

Lost in a Strawberry Field - Surrounded by green verdant grass and lush pink strawberries and a clear crystal light to guide her, this poor love still can't seem to find her way home.

The stitchmarker sets all feature closed snag-free rings which fit up to a 5mm (US 8) needle, and a progress keeper that fits a 4mm (US 6) needle.

All come on a matching organza ribbon, handy to grab hold of when rummaging around in your bag.
It's also long enough to wear as a lariat-style necklace or worn high on the neck like a choker. Have fun with it, tie onto the outside of your favourite project-bag to add that touch of glamour!

These sparkly stitchmarkers are the perfect size for all your sweater, sock, shawl & lace projects.

The 'sheep-on-tour' would love to call your project bag their permanent home, becoming the perfect partner to your treasured knitting project.

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