ISTANBUL RING - Grand Bazaar


Textile & Crystal Ring - Grand Bazaar

A burst of colour in copper & yarn - this is delicately hand crocheted & hand stitched using a mixed media of double-entwined coloured copper wire, luxury hand-dyed yarn and crystal.

The vibrant yarn colours reminded me of the famous 'Grand Bazaar' in Istanbul. I visited the famous marketplace many many years ago, it's a wondrous shopping destination full of exquisite ceramics, carpets and jewellery, with bejewelled glass lanterns at every turn.

The luxury yarn used for this design is a 100% merino, hand-dyed by Steffi of Uschitita yarns who is based in the Netherlands.

The outer part of the ring is hand crocheted with the yarn, which encompasses shades of turquoise, fuchsia, orange and white.
The inner part is hand crocheted with fuchia and gold-plated copper wires and embellished with a matching crystal in hot pink, surrounded by antique-gold glass beads.

The ring has a silver-plated base and is totally adjustable.

The diameter of it's face/top measures approximately 2.8 cm across.

The wire colour may vary slightly depending on the reel batch, and how the yarn colours fall within the piece may vary depending on which part of the yarn I start crocheting with, but any variation will be very slight. Each ring will be unique and one-of-a-kind. The crystal and glass beads will be identical to the sample image.

These pieces are made with specialist hand-dyed yarn, which may not always be available, so they are made in small quantities, and would therefore be limited in number.

They are a made-to-order item, so please allow at least 3 weeks for delivery for UK & Europe, and 6 weeks for USA & Worldwide.

This item will be shipped by first class/international.

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ISTANBUL RING - Grand Bazaar