CYPRESS Bracelet - Ancient Tiles


Silver Bracelet - Ancient Tiles

Delicately hand knitted, crocheted & stitched bracelet using silver plated copper and luxury crystal finished with luxury sterling silver chain.

The inspiration for the name of this bracelet comes from cypress tree. In ancient Persia the cypress tree was the most popular tree planted in persian gardens, and features in many of their textiles and artworks . The oldest known living cypress tree in the world is 4,000 years old in Yazd Province, Iran. It is a traditional symbol of the tree of everlasting life.

The crystal colours used come from the colours commonly found in ancient tiles in islamic architecture, these are deep-burgundy, blue, burnt-orange and pale-green.

The central part is hand knitted, crocheted and stitched with silver-plated copper wires. It is finished with a sterling silver adjustable ball clasp and snake chain bracelet. The bracelet component features two snake chains which together total 9.5" (25cm). The ball clasp measures approximately 6mm in diameter and has a silicone core for smooth and easy adjustment, enabling the bracelet to be altered to the desired length.
In total, the bracelet will fit up to a 9.5" (24cm) wrist.

They are a made-to-order item, so please allow at least 3 weeks for delivery for UK & Europe, and 6 weeks for USA & Worldwide.

This item will be shipped by Tracked 48 for UK.
International orders will be shipped by International Standard.

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CYPRESS Bracelet - Ancient Tiles