CRYSTALS + NEEDLE with PATTERN option - Masala Scarf / Fruitful Fusion

£24.00 - £30.00

A small set of crystal beads & threading needle for hand dyed 'Masala Scarf Yarn Set' by Fruitful Fusion


You can also purchase the pattern here if you prefer. You will receive a printed copy of the pattern, not a digital download as on Ravelry.

Masala Scarf
The pattern requires 702 bicone crystal beads in certain numbers over eight of the sections.
They are as follows:
Sections 2 and 28 (SCATTERING OF CLOVES) – 128 per section (= 256 total)
Sections 6 and 24 (CARDAMOM/ELAICHI) - 92 per section (= 184 total)
Sections 10 and 20 (PEPPERCORNS) – 48 per section (= 96 total)
Sections 14 and 16 (GOLDEN SAFFRON) – 83 per section (= 166 total)

The original pattern was inspired by a set of hand dyed mini skeins created by Ishrat of Fruitful Fusion in January 2023, which were based on the Spice Route.
She has now listed a unique yarn set to knit the Masala Scarf, which can be purchased on her website.
Her yarn set consists of 15 x 20g mini skeins creating a unique fade. Each individual mini is 20g of a 75% superwash merino 25% nylon 4-ply/fingering weight base.

The crystals in this listing have been specifically chosen to match the yarn colours that fall within the crystal sections.
Buying the crystals as a specific set saves a huge amount in cost. Normally you would have to buy crystal retail packets in individual colours and of a certain quantity, which can cost up to £12 more.

You will receive a total of 702 x 4mm bicone Preciosa crystal beads in the following colours:
SCATTERING OF CLOVES – Smoked Topaz x 256
CARDAMOM/ELAICHI - Peridot x 184
PEPPERCORNS – Light Rose x 96
GOLDEN SAFFRON – Light Colorado Topaz x 166

You will also receive a collapsible eye needle - used to thread the crystal beads onto yarn.

There will be an drop-down option to purchase the pattern with it if you wish.
You can alternatively purchase this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy if you prefer to have it in your library or as a download - search for Mahliqa on those platforms

CRYSTALS + NEEDLE with PATTERN option - Masala Scarf / Fruitful Fusion