ALHAMBRA HOOPS - Pomegranate


Textile & Crystal Hoop Earrings - Pomegranate

A burst of colour in copper & yarn - these are delicately hand crocheted and hand stitched using a mixed media of double-entwined coloured copper wire, luxury hand-dyed yarn and crystal.

When I visited Granada a couple of years ago, I fell in love with the Alhambra Palace. Literally translated as "The Red One", the islamic architecture, the symmetry, the intricacy in stone work, the corridors of inviting doorways, the grandeur & sheer beauty of the place, blew me away.
This design is inspired by that visit, the shape of these earrings are like walking through one of those pointed archways, and the inner wire piece mirrors the detailed stonework seen all over the palace.

The luxury yarn used for this design is 100% merino singles which is silky-soft and non-itchy. It's hand-dyed by indie dyer Uschitita who is based in the Netherlands in her exclusive 11/18 club colourway, 'Mulled Wine'.
Her rich blend of burgundy, pink, corals and cream feels like a pomegranate that has burst open to reveal it's jewel-like inner fruits.

The outer circular textile hoops are accented with matching crystals in burgundy, fuchsia, coral and pale-topaz. The inner earring section is hand crocheted with double entwined copper wire in shades of amethyst & wine, and framed with similar colour crystals to the outer circle.

The earrings are then finished off with gold-filled (gold-plated sterling silver) hooks.
The earrings measure 5cm across it's widest part, and 7cm from the top of hook to bottom of hoop.

The wire colour may vary slightly depending on the reel batch, and how the yarn colours fall within the piece may vary depending on which part of the yarn I start crocheting with, but any variation will be very slight.
I will always try to mirror the earrings so that the colours are as symmetrical and balanced as possible.
The yarn will be from the same skein each time, & the crystals will be identical to the sample image.

These pieces are made with specialist hand-dyed yarn, which may not always be available. This particular colour is a club exclusive and non-repeatable, so will be a limited edition.

They are a made-to-order item, so please allow at least 3 weeks for delivery for UK & Europe, and 6 weeks for USA & Worldwide. We will try our best to send out in this time frame, but delays in the postal system and longer delivery times may be encountered, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

This earrings will come packaged in a beautiful customised silver jewellery box, perfect if buying as a gift.

This item will be shipped by Signed for/Special Delivery.

Designed and handmade by mahliqa© all rights reserved. Not to be copied in any form without my consent.

ALHAMBRA HOOPS - Pomegranate