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AUTUMN/FALL CLUB - At Special Introductory Price!

Welcome to the Autumn/Fall Swarovski Stitchmarker Club!

If you're looking for exclusive, glamourous & sophisticated notions to adorn your precious knits, this is the place!

There are 4 rounds of clubs per year:
Autumn/Fall | September, October, November
Winter | December, January, February
Spring | March, April, May
Summer | June, July, August

Being so used to viewing the year as an academic calendar, I automatically see Autumn as the first season of the year, so it's great that my first ever stitchmarker club begins with Autumn/Fall.
And as it's the very first one, you all get a special introductory price!

This is a 3-month subscription to the Autumn club which begins in the first week of September 2018 and ends in November 2018.
For each of those three months, you will receive a package with exclusively designed swarovski stitchmarkers, charm stitchmarkers + themed extras.

Within EACH season, there are three different options to choose from for your club package.
These are:
1. ART - Designs will be inspired by works of art both past and present.
2. BOTANICALS - Designs will be based on plants that relate to the season.
3. AROUND THE WORLD - Designs will centre on a particular city or place of interest.

What you receive will remain a mystery, so specific details or images will not be revealed, but to give you an idea of the items that are guaranteed to be in each monthly package, these are:
2 x Swarovski crystal stitchmarkers - on medium snag-free rings
1 x Swarovski crystal progress keeper - with lobster clasp
2 x Charm stitchmarkers - on larger snag-free rings
1 x Themed high quality postcard/print.
1 x Gift

Sign-up for memberships are announced on social media platforms, and places will be limited.
Listings open around 2 weeks before the start of September, and close on 31 August, or until they sell out.
Packages will ship out via first class mail or first class international airmail. The postage cost is spread over the 3 months, and so a saving is made on paying one P&P for 3 months.

I'm sure you're going to love these super special stitchmarkers and other themed extras.
Thank you so much for coming on board!!

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