Boteh Rainbow Necklace

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Hand crocheted necklace

Somewhere over the rainbow.... a delightful, colourful delicate piece of rainbow art in wire. Hand crocheted with a variety of coloured copper wires, and adorned with swarovski elements crystals in the corresponding colours of amethyst, navy, aquamarine, olivine, topaz, red magma & siam-red.

Each boteh (paisley) shape is crocheted individually and then linked together to give a sweeping shape to this very unique necklace.

The necklace is finished with oxidised sterling silver chain and lobster clasp and the back chain is decorated with swarovski element drop pendants in khaki, amethyst and siam-red.

The crocheted piece measures 25cm across and the chain measures 27cm making the total length of the necklace 52cm (20.5")

The necklace will come packaged in a beautiful customised magnetic silver jewellery box, ideal if purchasing as a present.

An unusual eye-catching piece of wearable art.

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