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Image of KEEPSAKE NECKLACE - Rosegold
  • Image of KEEPSAKE NECKLACE - Rosegold
  • Image of KEEPSAKE NECKLACE - Rosegold
  • Image of KEEPSAKE NECKLACE - Rosegold
  • Image of KEEPSAKE NECKLACE - Rosegold


APOLOGIES *** I am now preparing for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March, so won't be taking any more orders for these until after the event. The listing will become live at the end of March ***

What could be more precious than your stitchmarkers?
And not any old stitchmarkers, this keepsake locket contains a choice of three or four elegant swarovski pendant crystals, to add a bit of sparkle to your knitting project.

The rose-gold coloured locket has a screw mechanism, allowing you to open and access your stitchmarkers when needed. This makes them extra safe and secure, with no danger of them falling out when you're wearing the necklace.

The round locket comes in two sizes - 25mm or 30mm wide in diameter, and contains
- 2 x Clear swarovski pendant crystals in the 25mm pendant, 3 in the 30mm, AND
- 1 x Rose-peach swarovski pendant crystal, all on closed snag-free steel rings which fit up to a 4mm (US 6) needle.

These drop charms/stitchmarkers are the perfect size for all your DK, sock, shawl & lace projects.

Both locket sizes come with a choice of 2 chain lengths:
- 24" Rose-gold plated fine trace chain
- 30" Rose-gold plated fine trace chain

The necklace will come packaged in a beautiful customised silver jewellery box with magnetic closure. Ideal if purchasing as a present.

The swarovski crystals add a touch of glamour to a your work-in-progress, and are a perfect partner to your treasured knitting project.

If you're not a knitter and the description above sounds like another language, be assured that this necklace is gorgeous in it's own right - the crystals within the locket are pretty on their own - you could even add your own keepsake to them to make it truly unique.

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