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Textile & Crystal Drop Earrings - 'Flowering Cactus'

Picture bright sunshine and vibrant flowering cacti in these delicately hand crocheted and hand stitched hexadrop earrings, using a mixed media of luxury hand-dyed yarn, swarovski crystal and precious metal.

The luxury yarn used for this design is 80% merino/20% nylon which is silky-soft and non-itchy. It's hand-dyed by indie dyer Mothy and the Squid in her popular colourway, 'Flowering Cactus'. The colours were inspired by the lovely colours of the cacti she saw on holiday in Gran Canaria.
Her rich blend of mustard-olive, coral-pinks, greens and fuchsia are a feast for the eyes.

These smaller hexagonal earrings are hand crocheted in luxury yarn, and matched with swarovski pendant crystals. How the yarn colours fall within the piece varies depending on which part of the yarn I start crocheting with.
I will always try to mirror the earrings so that the colours are as symmetrical and as balanced as possible.

Please note, this specialist hand-dyed yarn, is not always available, so they are made in small quantities, and would therefore be limited in number.

The earrings are then finished off with gold-filled (gold-plated sterling silver) hooks.

These petite earrings measure 2cm across it's widest part, and just over 3cm from the top of hook to bottom of earring.

The jewellery will come packaged in a beautiful customised silver jewellery box, perfect if buying as a gift.

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