CIRCLES Pendant - Palace Walls


Textile & Crystal Medallion - Palace Walls

Acentric circles of copper, crystal & yarn, delicately hand crocheted & hand stitched. The inner circle refuses to stay static, it shimmers as it sways to and fro within its woollen ring.

Circle is the symbol of heavens, infinity and wholeness. It has even value from all sides. It has neither start nor end, in an endless motion that always returns to the beginning.

I've named the colourway of this pendant 'Palace Walls' as the colours in the yarn are reminiscent of the old walls of royal palaces from long ago.

The luxury yarn used for this design is a 100% merino yarn, hand dyed by SkeinQueen. The outer circle is hand crocheted with this yarn and encompasses shades of grey, rust, sandstone, burgundy and pale-khaki.

The inner circle is hand crocheted with enamelled copper wires in slate and champagne gold and embellished with a matching crystal in burgundy, blush-rose, light topaz and pale khaki.

The pendant hangs from an ornate sterling silver bail measuring 5cm in diameter and 5.5cm from the top of the bail to the bottom of the pendant.

It comes complete with a 30" hallmarked sterling silver rolo chain, which is designed to sit low on the chest.

These pieces are made with specialist hand-dyed yarn, which may not always be available, so they are made in small quantities, and would therefore be limited in number.
This item is now one of 1.

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CIRCLES Pendant - Palace Walls