Textile & Crystal Angel's Tears Earrings - Magenta

A sultry teardrop of colour in copper & yarn - these are delicately hand crocheted & hand stitched using a mixed media of double-entwined coloured copper wire, luxury hand-dyed yarn and swarovski crystal.

The luxury yarn used for this design is merino singles, hand-dyed by Tuva of Norneyarn based in Norway. This colourway is called 'I'll be your bitch Gyda!'
Not so angelic!

This pure merino yarn in the deepest magenta surrounds double entwined copper wires in fuchsia & gold.
The inner smaller teardrops are hand crocheted and embellished with dark-fuchsia swarovski crystal.

The earrings are then finished off with 14ct gold-filled hooks.

The earrings measure 2.5 cm across it's widest part, and 4 cm from the top of hook to bottom of hoop.

The wire colour may vary slightly depending on the reel batch, and how the yarn colours fall within the piece may vary depending on which part of the yarn I start crocheting with, but any variation will be very slight. The swarovski crystals will be identical to the sample image.

These pieces are made with specialist hand-dyed yarn, which may not always be available, so they are made in small quantities, and would therefore be limited in number.

They are a made-to-order item, so please allow at least 3 weeks for delivery for UK & Europe, and 6 weeks for USA & Worldwide.

This earrings will come packaged in a beautiful customised silver jewellery box, perfect if buying as a gift.

This item will be shipped by Signed for/Special Delivery.

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